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Weekend Getaway

Renounce yourself in the abyss and experience trance. Manali will either give you existential crises or put a rest on them!

A winter special trek that takes you to a height of 9915 ft at the top this trek offers the best camping experience and snow experience at the top!

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the cities and take a rejuvenating tour of the mountains.

A short trek in the heart of Dharamshala that offfers a majestic view of the entire Kanga Valley. This is the trek to do to start of your passion for trekking.

Take a lapse from the predatory world, and gift yourself a vacation to reinvigorate your heart and soul.

Work and Vacation

Why is now the best time to head on a workation?

“Workcation” (noun) - The act of working while on a vacation to feed your wanderlust and enjoy your work life.

Live a different lifestyle


The Tarzan Way isn’t your typical travel agent, they will create a personalized travel itinerary which will escalate your journey in India....

Travel and Volunteer

Volunteering in The Land of Gods

Picture green hills, snow-capped mountains, foggy roads, little cottage houses, and clean air - that's what beautiful Uttarakhand is all about.


Fill the adrenaline rush by joining in for one of the most famous, beginner treks in Parvati Valley

Explore the tiny hamlets of Tosh, Kasol, Kheerganga and Kutla across Parvati Valley.

Visit the unique and mysterious village of Malana, and make your way up to the Magic Valley.

Take a lapse from the predatory world, and gift yourself a vacation to reinvigorate your heart and soul.

This time it's not Kasol that we are suggesting but an offbeat experience in the Parvati Valley en route to Shilha, Pulga, and Tosh.

Head over to the serene and peaceful village of Tosh and conquer the trek of Kheerganga on this 2-night experience.


During these four days, the offbeat Goa vacation will help relieve all your anxiety and tension, as you will spend some time segregated from the crowd and touristy places of Goa's party life.

With the help of these four days, the program relieves all your stress, spend some time separated from busy city life.

The beach is where we leave all our worries away but imagine working at the beach itslef! Enjoy work in the week + vacation in the evening in Goa.


The Top 9 Hidden Gems of India

In today's world, everybody needs a distraction, a distraction from the exceptionally mundane and monotonous routine of their life. We convince ourselves to take a trip...


6 Must-Do Treks from Manali

Manali is among the most popular hill stations in India and a favorite among travelers, but Manali is also a trekkers’ paradise...

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